Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bed Time

Well I put Maddison down in hopes that I might get to watch the football games or read a little. I shoud have know my plans were going to be delayed by having to put in the passy fifty million times (so it seemed). As I type this I am still having to get up every few minutes. We are trying our hardest to get to where we can just put her in her bed in the evenings. We have a while to go. Oh well, we are learning as we go. Today was a great day at the Gipson house because we got a new stove several days ago and the plummer came today and installed it. Now I can cook (haha). Here are some pictures I took today. I thought these overalls were so cute. Boy does she look like her daddy in these photos or what??? She is finally asleep.

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Bogle said...

I had no idea plumbers installed stoves!