Saturday, September 15, 2007

2 Month Appointment

Our trip to the doctor was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it was not fun whatsoever. Maddison now weighs 11.11 and is 25 inches long. We are still trying to figure out where she gets her length from. When it came time for the shots, I left the room. Great advice for any new mom. Take your husband with you and make him stay in the room. I walked down the hall and around the corner and could still hear her screaming. Yes, she got very upset but was asleep in my arms as we walked out of the office. I am so thankful that Jason is willing and stronger than I am when it comes to all that stuff. As you can see from the pictures Maddi has found her hands and would rather have them than her passy. At first she was just sucking on her lower palm and now she really likes her thumb. At this point anything will do as long as I don't have to keep putting that silly passy in a million times at night. O well, what else do I have to do besides take care of this little angel?

Maddi has grown so much that we had to take her carseat to the next level by adding the lower buckle.
All happy and ready to go to the doctor.

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