Monday, September 3, 2007

Baby Doll

These next pictures have a funny story that go with them. When I was growing up I had a life size baby doll named Molly. She had lots of clothes, highchair, and a stroller. Well since the girls (Delaney and Britlyn) go to Granny Ga's house quite often, they love to play with Molly and all her accesories. My mom got the bright idea that Maddison is just about the size of Molly and her stroller would be quite fun for Maddi. So here are some cute pictures of Maddison in Molly's stroller. She really enjoyed the ride around the living room and as you can see this could be used in the future to get her to sleep. (haha) The only thing is that this activity is a real back breaker for the pusher.

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