Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fun Pictures

My brother Nate is so good with Maddi. I know it
is because he has two of his own. But I am not sure he knows
that the passifier is suposed to go in the child's mouth. Thank
goodness he has it turned the opposite way.Maddi loves to sit in her bouncey chair and watch
whatever is on the TV. T-Paw turned her perfectly so they
could both enjoy the western

One Month!! And lots of precious smiles. As you can see from some of the pictures we have two dogs (doc and buz). Since Maddison's arival they have been very good. They are very curious but are very good not to lick. As we were driving home from Abilene on Sunday we got to Canyon and see that buz has found a spot in the backseat on top of Maddison's legs. Thank goodness he does not weigh very much. We thought it was funny and no we did not let him stay there. I guess he is just making sure she is ok.

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