Sunday, September 9, 2007

2 Months,11 Pounds, 7 Hours

Well, Maddison is now two months old. She is growing so fast. She is also 11 pounds and we will find out officially on Friday when we go to the doctor for all those nasty shots. I am not looking forward to that at all. I am such a chicken, I think I am going to let Jason be the one in the room with her. Three nights this last week she slept for 7 hours each night. I was really suprised when I woke up and saw the time on the clock. Here is a little flash back. The first three pictures are recent. The last one is a picture of her very first bath. She is getting bigger by the minute. Thanks Granny Ga and T-Paw for the fun swing!
Relaxing bath time!
Her very first bath.


Charis said...

Such a cutie! I know that feeling of having to put the binkie back in a million times a night :) Guess it's good exercise to get our butts off the couch!

Bogle said...

good luck with the appt today! Not looking forward to that.