Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Passy Device

Warning!! Some of you may think this is mean or stupid; that just means you probably do not have children that you put to bed at night. Jason and I have to get up several times while putting Maddison to bed to put her passy back in her mouth. So the other night Jason comes in the room (office/nursery) with this little device. I know this looks scary but don't worry I do not leave the room with it in her mouth like that. As you can see this is nothing but a head band with hair ties attached on each side to give you the length (yes, it's adjustable) Bobby pins threaded through the passy and then turned sideways to keep things intact. Believe it or not IT WORKED. With it being stretchy, she is able to push it out with her mouth, without waking herself up. I was leary of using it but with a few trial runs during the day, I gave in. When she finally falls to sleep, all we have to do is slip a bobby pin out and remove the entire device from the bed. Again this is not FDA aproved and you are at your own risk when trying this, but I know night time is a lot less stressful.
Just catchig as many smiles as p0ssible!!!

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Bogle said...

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. OH SO TRUE. If you have never had children, you have probably not tried anything this unusual. LOVE this post. I emailed the link to some of our friends who have this same issue with their 3 week old who is addicted to his soothie.