Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Amazing Weekend

We have had an amazing weekend and start to our week. My parents got here on friday and stayed until monday. They were such a huge help with everything. Dad helped Jason with some manual labor around the house and Mom really taught me a lot about being a mother. I am so glad they don't send new moms home with an owners manual because I would not trade that time with my mom for anything. Thanks mom for all your great advice and encouragement, you're the best. Then on Tuesday my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin made the trip from Abilene to see Maddison. It was so great to see family members who are so close to us yet live far away. I am so glad that they were able to make the trip to see our new bundle of joy. Thank you to everyone for all of your love and support. Jason and I are so proud to be parents, and we would not be where we are today without the parents who cared for us.
Here are lots of pictures, enjoy.

My aunt Cathy loves to be creative, and
Maddison loves to have her picture taken.

My aunt Dana did an amazing job with this
blanket she made for Maddie

The new Gipson Family!

Dad did not get to be here when she was but he sure made up for it when he was here.

Granny Ga and Maddison enjoying the
nice weather on the front porch.

Proud grandparents, Granny Ga and T-Paw
Maddison and her Great Grandmother.
Both Paw Paw and Maddison as they take a nap.

Maddie loves to take a bath. I think it is because she is kin to her mom; they both love the water really warm.She had to be on a Billi Bed for two days, to help with a little Jaundice

Mom found a great store with lots of cute bows.

This sign in our yard let everyone know about our new addition

"Too cool for school" with her going home outfit. The same one that my Mom wore home)


Biddy said...

hehehe i love the sunglasses! i'm so excited for y'all...she is just BEAUTIFUL!!

Kristen said...

Yay! She is precious. It is crazy to see pics of our old house.
Hope everything goes well.

Kelli said...

She is precious! I am so happy for you!