Friday, May 9, 2008

Getting Organized

I have no clue why these pictures are so messed up but this is what Jason and I did all day. The packing process has been going on for quiet a while. Today Jasons mom Betty kept Maddison while we got down to business. We are having a moving company move us but we have to have everything packed and ready to go. We will also not be here when the movers come. Thankgoodnes we have family that will be here. We wanted to make sure that everything gets on the truck so we came up with the color coating and number system. We think we have everything accounted for I guess we will see when they unload the truck in Tyler. Only 9 days left here in Amarillo and 84 boxes later.


Ted & Glenda Knight said... guys have really been busy. Dad is gathering his painting supplies and will be ready for the trip to Tyler ahead of the movers...guess you better get thru graduation next weekend first.
See you soon. Give Maddi a squeeze for us.
Mom & Dad

Kyla said...

Way to go!! If you're all done then that means you have a whole week to come color code my boxes!! :)