Sunday, December 2, 2007

Once Again

As you can see it has been a while. I really do not have an excuse, just lazy. I will just play catch up for a bit. Most of Jason's family is here in Amarillo and we had a wonderful Thanksgiving at our house. It was great to actually spend some quality time with everyone. The day after, Jason and I got out all of our Christmas decor. I was prego and working last year, therefore we did not put up a tree because we never found the time. This was the first year in like ten years that I did not have to work the day after Thanksgiving. It was so nice to relax and start getting in the spirit of the holiday. I am sad that we missed out on the snow in Abilene. Usually it is us who is getting to enjoy the snow before the people in A-town. Things are good around the Gipson home. Jason is COMPLETELY OFF until February. Yes that is correct, during the last year of med school the students get three months off and just happened that two of the months are back to back. (I am sure Maddi and I will be ready for him to be back at work. haha) Not having to be on a school schedule does not mean that you get out of the interview process. Saying that, we leave in the morning on an eight day long, three interview trip. This will be very interesting flying and driving across the state with a 5 month old. I will let you know how it goes.
My mom came up this weekend and we did a whole lot of NOTHING!! I really do not know why she brought so many changes of clothing because Saturday all we did was play with Maddison and watch football. It is always fun when my mom comes up because I cry everythime she leaves. I miss so much getting to see my parents on a regular basis and am so jealous they get to see my brother and his family so often. I am counting down the days when Jason, Maddi and I get to see them more often. I love my mom and dad so much and I know that I do not tell them enough.
Maddi is getting to where she always wants what is in your hands. In this case it was the camera and she is coming after it.
Pictuer time has come to an end!!
Maddi loves to help dad with the laundry!!

Thanks to Aunt Cathy for the WARM and STYLISH cap!
It finally is starting to get cold and Jason thought he would bundle Maddi up and give her a taste of the cool air.

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Raena said...

You daughter is just gorgeous! I was blog-hopping and found your blog on Leslie's. I have to ask, where do you shop for her clothes? I LOVE boutiquey clothes and bows! What a little doll she is! (PS- We went to ACU at the same time.)