Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Interview Roadtrip

I really feel like we have been around the world and back. Traveling with a five month old really makes traveling a bit difficult. Jason had three interviews for residency so we decided to make a family trip out of it. We left last Monday, flew to love field and then drove to Waco. After the interview on Tuesday we got in the car and drove to San Antonio to stay with Dana, Kent, Chris and Mikayla. Wednesday we got up went down to the River Walk, ate lunch, shoped a little, then back in the car heading for Corpus. Interviewed in Corpus on Thursday and headed for Austin to see college friends. Thanks to Eric, and the Hise family for a great bed for the night. We then headed to Keller to stay with Brittany and Zane for the weekend. Sunday we headed to Tyler for the final interview. After the interview it was back to love field to fly home. Our little rent car was great taking us 1300 miles. Thank goodness Maddison like to ride in the car. She did great!! Only got a little fussy in the middle of Austin traffic, but nothing a bottle could not cure. Here are some pictures, Enjoy!!
Maddison did so well on her first plane ride! She was out by the time we were in the air and sleept the whole time.
From San Antonio we made the drive to Corpus. We stayed in a really nice hotel and had a very nice dinner on the top floor. The highlight on this trip for me was that I got to see my friend Aleisha. She is pregnate and due any day now. She is so cute and going to be a great mom. We went to lunch together while Jason was interviewing. Thanks Aleisha for the time together, it was so much fun to catch up. Maddison having "dinner" at the Omnie.
This is the view from our room. Right at sunset the sailboats were headed out!
Friday and Saturday night we stayed with Brittany and Zane. It was so good to see then and finally get to meet Maddison. We had a fun relaxing time in Keller. We ordered Chilis on Friday night, slept in on Saturday then Britt, Maddi and I went over to Southlake to hit a few stores. Sunday we went to church with them and most imprtantly watched to Cowboys game. Then we hit the road for the last time for Tyler. Thank you Zane and Brittany for the hospitality and wonderful company. This is the cute outfit that Britt gave Maddi.
Bath time in the kitchen sink.


Bogle said...

WHAT! You were in Keller and didn't come see us!?!?! We live right down the street from Brittany and Zane!!!

Kristen said...

So fun! What a fun trip, but tiring. I hope all the interviewing went well. We live in the same neighborhood that Brittany and Zane live in. So funny! Just a couple streets away.
Well, I hope you have a great Christmas.

EDS said...

I must admit...I'm pretty bummed you were so close and didn't even call. I would have loved for H and Maddi to meet! :) What a crazy trip. I'm sure Jason was glad to have you guys with him. Let me know how the interviews turn out.