Tuesday, November 6, 2007

80, Solids, TTU

Since it has been a while, I have finally found he time to sit down and update the blog. Everything started two weekends ago when the entire Gipson family traveled to Lubbock to watch the TTU-Colorado game. The company was great, but the game not so much. Then Maddison and I headed to Abilene for PawPaw's 80th birthday party. Jason started a new rotation that is more demanding, so Jason "allowed" Maddi and I to stay in Abilene for the week to attend Delaney's fall festival the next weekend. We had so much fun, with time to relax. It is always nice going to my parents house because Mom is willing to get up with Maddi in the early mornings. It spoils me to get some sleep. Thanks Mom, your the BEST!! Halloween was on Wednesday and Maddi was a cute sweet pea. No trick-or-treating, just a little dress-up. I have pictures but once again the order got messed up.
Starting this week we began rice cereal. Maddi is doing so good. She really already has the motion down on taking in food, so the mess was not too bad. The best part about starting solids is that she slept 11 HOURS last night. That is right when I heard her this morning and looked at the clock, I could not believe my eyes. I thought she would wake up screaming because of hunger but she was smiling away when I walked in to pick her up. Sorry that it has taken so long to catch everyone up. I will try to be better. ENJOY!!!

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