Friday, November 9, 2007

4 Months

Wow! How time flys when you are having fun!!!! It is hard to believe that Maddi is already four months old. She is getting so big and learning new things all the time. Outfits are always so wet at the end of the day that I had to find some "cute" bibs for her to wear all the time. We go to the doctor on Monday and I am not looking forward to that at all. ENJOY!
I had no clue she is ready to run around the block!!

The other night when I was feeding her cereal. She was fussy and so tired. She found her thumb and was gone, right there in the chair. It was too funny.


Biddy said...

ahahahahahahahahahaaaaa that is SO funny!!! where did you find that adorable bib?!

EDS said...

Precious girl!!!

Allison said...

Aren't these girls at such a precious stage of life? I did not realize that they were just 3 days apart! We'll have to let them meet someday!

Bogle said...

REALLY funny. They will let you take formula, but you have to tell them you have it and have it out. Also, it would be smart to wait and fill up your bottles with water until you got through security. You can have anything on the plane as long as you buy it after you are already through security. You can have all the powder you want. I would be careful about pumped milk. I whitnessed a woman in Mexico who had to dispose of ALL 4 full bottle of pumped milk before getting on the plane so you just never know.