Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Scary Bike Ride

Yesterday Jason got home early and we deiced to go on a family bike ride. Jason and I both have bikes and we recently got a bike trailer for Maddison, and Grady is so good to run beside us on the leach. One of us had the baby and one had the dog. We usually stay in our sub-division but decided to venture out as a family. We were minding our own business, rounding the corner ready to ead home when we were met by a PIT BULL . Jason was pulling Maddi and was about 30 yards behind us. To make a long story short, in no time that dog had Grady on his back going for his neck. Jason was so brave to grab the pit by the neck and squeeeeze as hard as he could. He got the dog off, we called the cops and things could have been much worse. Grady did get bitten but will be fine. Thankfully no one else was involved with the attack. It was so scarry! I hardly slept last night because it just kept running through my mind over and over again. Needlesstosay we will be staying in our own sub-divison for a while ( at least until we know something is done with those dogs) It is just not fair that we can not even ride out bikes because we have to worry about someone else's dog not on a leach or in a finced in area. Don't wrry animal control WILL be called monday morning first thing.

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