Thursday, November 20, 2008

ACU Homecoming

Maddison and I made the trip to Abilene for ACU Homecoming. I picked up Courtney in Dallas and Brittany met us on Friday. We had such a fun girls weekend and seeing friends from college. Here are jsut a few pictures of the fun event.

Maddi and Addi (Lisa Clark sorry I don't know your married name, little girl) at the fountain.

Maddison liked playing on ght golf cart rather than watching the parade.

Future Wildcat!

Former Kojies and furure Kojies. Allison, Harper, Chaney, Maddison

Sweet Amarillo firends, Kyla and Ava

This is Jamie and Zack. When Jason and I worked at Texas Roadhouse while in Abilene, they worked there as well. They have two sweet boys. We have not seen them since our hard working days.

College friends but most importatly BLOG friends, Lisa and Mindy.

Britt and Court

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