Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Pictures From The Week

This is Maddisons new favorite place to playGiving Grady kissesFun times at the park
I think we have a smart dog, what do you think?
The other day I heard this crazy noise when Grady had this duck in his mouth. I am still not sure what he is doing when he has it in his mouth but the only thing Erin and I could figure out is that his is nursing on this duck. He does it all the time. It is like he is trying his hardest to get something out of this stuffed duck. Seeing that he is only 10 weeks old it makes since, any opinoins?

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Macy said...

Well, I think Maddie does have a lot of teeth....but Meg is a slow teether also. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum. She did not get her 1st two until 9 months and it took two more months to get the next two. She has been working on 5 and 6 for about a month and a half now. They are just bulging. Our little friend who is 18 months is like Maddie....she has 17!