Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Residency Update.
Just a little update about where we are in this whole process. Jason is going into Family medicine and has three really great choices for residence. In random order, Amarillo (which means we would not have to move), Waco and Tyler. We went back to Tyler and Waco for second looks and who knows what will happen. I kind of wish there was a sign up sheet and we could pick where we wanted to be. Unfortunatly that is not the case and we will find out on March 20th where we will spend the next three years. Don't worry we will let you know.
My sweet friend Jessica had her little girl on Jan 19. I was so blessed to be able to stop by and spend a little time with her. Her little girl Emma Kate is so precious. Everyone tells you when you have a little one that they grow so fast. I really did not realize how true it is until I went to see Emma. It is hard to believe that Maddi was that small. They really do grow fast. Jessica and I already have plans, if we move, we are going to meet in Canton the first of each month to shop together. I can not wait. I can already see it now. Emma and Maddi future ACU roomates!!

Way too often I find myself needing to go through Maddisons clothes to put away the outfits she has outgrown. So here we are again, going through clothes. As you can see in these picures Maddi is and has been sitting up all by herself. She is getting so much stronger and is getting ready to start moving, We have hard wood floors in our house and every now and then I am in the other room and all I heat is a loud thud followed by a very loud cry. She is at the point where she wants to go, just has not figured it out just yet.


Kristen said...

That would be awesome wherever you go! Goodluck! :) We talk about moving back to Amarillo all the time so if you stay we will see you there sometime! SO fun that she has an Emma Kate...LOVE that name! :)

Lauren Lucille said...

Hi Chaney!
Your daughter is precious!!!SOOOOO cute!!! I haven't talked to you in years! Great to see that you are doing great. I read the post about your Dad...how's he doing? Good luck on the move/not move.=)

Mindi said...

I just read your blog about your dad. Any updates?

I have started putting away Addisons things that are too small. It makes me sad...I wish she stayed that small longer!