Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Great Weekend

What a fun weekend! Jason, Maddison and I made the trip to Abilene to attend ACU homecming. We both got to see lots of college friends, and enjoyed every minute of their company. It was really fun to get to see all of the "blog babies" in person. So many people are popping them out!! It was so much fun to let people hold Maddison and hear from poeple seeing her for the first time who they thought she lookes like. Warning, there are lots of pictures and somehow they got out of order. Congradulations Leigh Ann you made the blog!!

Maddison at Granny Ga's office trying to work on the computer!

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Cara said...

It was so good getting to see you. Maddison is so cute. Not sure why I am making a weird face...it is probably my inner thoughts of I must escape breakfast coming forth:)